5 Methods to Confidently Get Your Start-Up an Investment

5 Methods to Confidently Get Your Start-Up an Investment

An exciting new culture has picked up. Tech entrepreneurs are arranging events to link startups with investors. It makes an easily approachable platform for both parties to interact in.

They meet like-minded, progressive people and build relationships strengthened in ideas. You, as a new start-up, might find immense benefit in attending such promising events. An audience will be looking to support you. Keeping this in mind, here are ten methods to inspire you to rise, seize your chances, and climb up the ladder of success!

  1. Own Yourself and Your Idea

Being small on the economic scale might put off some people from being as monumental as they could be. Apple does not tone down on how it wants to be. Google doesn’t look for modest ways.

They had a dream; they acted on it. This analogy does not necessarily imply that every startup is a flower waiting to bloom. However, if you do not water the seed, you will never know.

  1. Reconsider and Clarify

You have an idea. You have spent hours practicing the pitch in front of the mirror; or in front of a best friend, and you have laid down a plan. Here is an invitation to pause. In this space, you can take a look at your startup idea from a neutral ground. What does it lack? Is the startup too dependent on fantasy and not rooted in reality? Is it too risky for an investor? Is it non-profitable for the manufacturer?

How do you solve these problems? If you cannot, how do you maneuver around it?

  1. Consider The Viewpoint of an Investor

This ties into the point on the clarification of your idea. As you clarify your own plan, determine the priorities and the motivations of the investor as well.

Is he really about giving a golden opportunity to a few young people brimming with the potential energy to burst into the scene? Or, does he consider the low economic input and the high payback in startup investment? Will an investor reject a non-trustworthy presentation, no matter how brilliant the idea is? Or, will he relish in taking risks?

There is no intent to berate an investor. They are the people who put the funds in; thus, making the wonder of startups possible. Consequently, you need to think thoroughly. If you discover the motivations behind why an investor invests, you find out how you need to present yourself to appeal to those specific motivations.

  1. Consider your Branding

You do not pay for a product; you pay for the emotions you relate to the product.

Have you noticed how Coca-Cola always places the word “happiness” in every medium they interact with their customers? What emotions are you selling? Is it ease and relaxation that you sell; and hence, the emotion of peace? Or is it adrenaline that you want to activate?

  1. Go Out

Here’s a repetition of a point, but only because it is crucial and fitting for the end.

If you never water the seed, you will never know if it will bloom or if it is a hoax. To further encourage you, ask yourself this question: How often is it that flower seeds are a hoax?

Where to go out, then?

I will round back to mentioning the events with promote start-ups and enable them to meet with interested investors. One such event, starting soon, is Pitcher Perfect organizing by UCIM. If you are able to go to Hong Kong on the 21st of June, attend it. It has had an excellent record in its past editions, and it will allow you, as a startup, to reach out to present pitches to high-value investors, learn from valuable feedback, and widen your connections over dinner and drinks.

Use these tips to find success. All the best!

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