Digible: the One-Stop Platform for Rare Collectibles and NFTs

Digible: the One-Stop Platform for Rare Collectibles and NFTs

Rare collectibles and NFTs in one platform, the best of two worlds, seem like a far-fetched tale. However, Digible is making this a reality by allowing its users to buy, sell or auction rare cards and have the option to receive them in an NFT format. 

NFTs and rare collectibles have gained popularity in the crypto world over the past year, with investments rising by 299% in 2020. Digible is here to satisfy that growing demand, with the presale scheduled for 22 April, at 15:00 UTC. 

Digi Tokenomics 

Even though its token, DIGI, is not yet live, the token supply is listed at a total supply of 100M. Users can stake their DIGI on the platform to earn. 

The DIGI tokenomics are as follows: 

● 10M- goes to Marketing Team 

● 10M- allocated to Digi Development Team 

● 7.5 M- will go to Rewards

● 15M- set aside for staking Pools 

● 16.5M-allocated to Pinpoint Seed 

● 4.7M-will go to the private round 

● 24.5M- set aside for the Pre-Sale 

● 11.8M- will provide Liquidity 

How Digible Works 

The two main features on the Digible platform are the marketplace and the auction. Digible Marketplace 

The marketplace is divided into two, the digital marketplace and the physical cards marketplace. 

Digible allows users to buy, sell or trade physical cards of which hold credible value. Digible’s platform caters for this, where users can sell physical cards on the platform. Worth noting, each physical card will have an NFT version, which essentially is backed by the physical asset. 

The digital marketplace excludes any physical cards. Any user can utilize the digital marketplace for any variety of NFTs they hold and benefit from buying/selling or auctioning their desired NFT. 

Users are also granted the ability to hold on to their collectible cards they purchase without physically holding on to them. The physical collectible cards are sent to a user’s address if they choose to keep them on the platform. Digible utilizes a safety measure, DigiSafe, where they hold the cards for their clients. The owners of the collectible can track it on DigiTrack. 


Digible offers an auction feature at the marketplace. To sell their physical card or NFT via an auction, the minimum amount in their wallet should be 3000 $DIGI. 

After meeting the minimum requirement, the physical card is sent to Digible. In the case of an NFT, it is locked on the platform during the auction until it is sold. Digible smart contracts then handle the rest of the transactions. 

Digible has a 10% processing fee for any sale or auction held in both marketplaces for every transaction. Of this, 5% of the fee automatically goes into the staking pool. The remaining 5% goes to Digible Operations for the future of Digible, for sustainability and covering expenses. 

Unique Digible Features 

Digible is not just about buying and selling collectibles. The platform also offers a range of services that make it emerge from the crowded NFTs platforms out there.

DigiGrade: It is a service that Digible uses to inspect the card and also send the card to PSA, which is closely located near DigiSafe for official grading. PSA will officially grade your card before it goes online at our marketplace. 

DigiTrack: this is a service that allows you to see and control your physical card through the platform. To use the service, log in with your wallet that your NFT is stored on and access your collection online at any time. From here, if you decide to sell your physical card, your NFT gets burned to get rid of any duplicate issues. 

DigiDuel: the service enables users to battle any NFT they set their eye on. In this way, NFT & $DIGI can be placed as a bet, and you can select a colour of your choice. 

The winner receives the loser’s NFT and the $DIGI amount put as a bet when the winning colour is announced. A fee of 1% is paid out of total bets. The staking pool will be reached by 0.7%, and Digible will burn 0.3%. 

In many ways, Digible presents itself as an improved platform for all NFTs and rare collectibles lovers. Definitely be there for the presale on 22 April at 15:00 UTC, the platform could be what you have been looking for all along!