Bitcoin Education “Unconference” Goes To Nashville, Find Out Why

Mi Primer Bitcoin, a nonprofit organization from El Salvador, announced the third installment of its Bitcoin Education Unconference. The event is set to take place in Nashville next month.

Bitcoin Education Goes To Nashville

Mi primer Bitcoin announced the time and place of its third Bitcoin Education Unconference. Following the events in San Salvador and Madeira, the new edition will take place at The Cordelle in Nashville on July 24.


The Unconference was organized alongside BTC veterans to “educate and empower the world.” As a BTC-only event, it also seeks to bring enthusiasts of the flagship cryptocurrency together to “foster collaborations and networking.”

Additionally, the attendees can participate in the sessions by pitching their ideas and setting up a spot in the schedule. The event is designed to be a “decentralized and collaborative” effort between all participants, with activities being put together with attendees’ feedback.

Industry leaders, including Jeff Booth, Preston Pysh, and Ben Perrin, alongside educators and enthusiasts from around the globe, have attended previous installments of the Unconference.

Bringing Crypto Education Worldwide

Mi Primer Bitcoin, or “My First Bitcoin,” is a nonprofit organization in El Salvador. The organization focuses on BTC education and has collaborated with El Salvador’s Ministry of Education to promote adoption and financial empowerment in the country.

As reported by Bitcoinist, the nonprofit started an initiative to introduce crypto education to the public educational system in El Salvador by 2024. The program is led by the Ministry of Education and supported by Bitcoin Beach, a project aiming to create a sustainable BTC economic ecosystem on the coast of El Salvador.

The organization’s pilot program is set to train 700 public school teachers. Upon completion, the educators will deliver the BTC diploma curriculum to the students in their local schools. In April, the first wave of public teachers, 97 in total, graduated from the program. Later that month, three new groups started their ten-week crypto education.

The BTC Diploma started in early 2022 and has become a successful program worldwide. The curriculum covers diverse topics, from fiat money, its history, and its challenges to the different facets of the flagship cryptocurrency.

The 2023 workbook edition was translated into 23 languages and has been independently taught from Uruguay to South Korea.

Mi Primer Bitcoin’s founder, John Dennehy, has reaffirmed the organization’s mission to bring BTC education worldwide on different occasions.

As the first nation to adopt BTC, El Salvador will be an example to the world; we get to decide what sort of example that will be. Our vision is to teach a nation and change the world. I know that sounds crazy, but I think we are well on our way and the Bitcoin Diploma is a big part of that.